Monday, December 7, 2009

I Heart Faces Week 48 ~ Sweet Dreams

This week at I Heart Faces the theme is "Sweet Dreams", and who has sweeter dreams than a precious newborn baby? As a baby shower gift, I photographed a friend of mine's 12 day old little girl. She slept like a dream and was just too beautiful! To join in the fun, or just to see other photos from "LaLa Land", over to I Heart Faces!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Woooo....It's been a while!!

Well....I have been crazy busy these last few months. I've been taking pictures for people and trying to keep up with my two monkeys and my house. I've been doing paperwork and organizing and selling stuff. I've been visiting my OB/GYN regularly (I'm down to every 2 weeks now). I have just under 8 weeks left of this pregnancy, and my, how it's flown by! I can hardly believe it!! As of now it appears we've settled on the name Samantha Kate....we're having another girl, by the way! I don't think I've even updated since I found out. My precious and mischievous little girl turned 2, and my sweet little boy will be 4 in just a couple of weeks. Well..I need to get back to editing one of my last photo shoots of the year, so here are a few photos until I can update again.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I Heart Faces week 28 ~ Feet Week

This week at I Heart Faces the theme is "Feet". My entry is a photo I took on vacation in Hilton Head, SC. These feet belong to the two men in my life, my hubby and my three year old son. To see other great feet photos, or to enter one of your own, go visit

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pictures from my latest shoot with H, A, and T

I had the opportunity to shoot photos of my first group of "big" kids. These kids were between the ages of 8 and 12, and they were so much fun and so very cute. I've known them and their parents for years. These were shot on a college campus. If you have never used a college campus as a setting, I highly recommend it....the landscaping is top notch and the buildings make an ultra cool background too!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Feeding a wounded baby deer, flowers, and splinters

Yesterday I took some pictures of the flowers I have in my flower beds and my son ended up with a pretty good sized splinter in his big toe. After the splinter ordeal we took the kids to a farm where they got to feed a baby deer that had been wounded in an accident with a hay baler. It was the cutest thing!!! They also got to see a really fat pot belly pig. They loved every minute of it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A 5 week old friend

I took some pictures last week for a friend of our's little guy. Baby J was such a good sport and so cute! These were taken in my daughter's room using natural light for some and an external flash for others...the light wasn't quite good enough without having to raise my ISO too high for my camera.

I Heart Faces week 24 ~ Kids entry

This week's theme at I Heart Faces is, "Let's hear it for the boys". This is one of my favorite (recent) pictures of my son. We were on vacation in Hilton Head, SC. I know the sepia theme was last week, but this picture needed some saving, and thus the sepia finish. He is getting better about letting me take his picture these days....I wish he'd rub off on his little sister! Anyway, here is my handsome little man! To see other adorable boys or enter a photo of your own, head over to I Heart Faces and join in the fun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

1 year shoot with baby "K"

I recently shot some 1 year pictures for a friend of mine. I love how they turned out! Her little one is so precious!! I processed them with Pioneer Woman's "seventies" action and also MCP's "high def sharpening". These are a few of my favorites. The conditions were a bit yucky....drizzle and clouds....but it made for fantastic lighting and color!

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