Friday, March 27, 2009

Stress, paperwork, and the beach!

I'm so stressed! Most people look forward to spring and warmer weather and I do too in many ways. However, the beginning of Spring and the onset of warmer weather are also a source of dread, irritation, and self-loathing for my procrastinating ways. Many people also look forward to tax time for the blessed refund. I, on the other hand, dread and loathe tax time....I'm the wife of a self-emloyed man. The paperwork, the time taken away from my kids, and the chunk of money we always have to shell out make me one cranky individual. Most years, my favorite day is April 16th! I love the feeling of liberation once the forms (and unfortunately the money) are sent on their merry way. It makes me want to scoop up my babies and run as fast as we can to the nearest park, or better yet, the beach!! Oh the beach...I love the beach. I get really tired of rinsing sand off the kids 3 times a day and inevitably sleeping with sand in between the sheets, but I love the beach. Mostly I love taking pictures of the beach. So, since I am in desperate need of some external motivation, I've decided to post a few pictures of playing outside and enjoying the beach. I am trying to push myself to finish up so we can hit the road for a few days!

1 comment:

  1. I love your pictures! We plan on heading to the coast for a couple of days soon too and I can't wait to take a few pictures of the kids and the ocean and maybe eat a little chowder. :0)


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