Friday, May 8, 2009

I Heart Faces Constructive Feedback Friday

It's constructive feedback Friday at I Heart Faces and I am submitting this family portrait I took for a cousin of mine. Don't mind the boy...he didn't want to participate. Anyway, I like the pose, I like the background, I like most of the photo, but the coloring just seems a bit off to me. Also, I am having problems getting all four people sharply focused. It may be because I used my kit lens with my Nikon D80, or that my aperture was too high (set at 5). I thought I was using an f/8 or so, but I must have changed it and didn't notice. Anyway, those are my main complaints with this photo and I don't know why the coloring looks off. I shot this photo in RAW and JPEG fine, so the edited version has had adjustments through the RAW editor and processing in Photoshop Elements 6. The SOOC is the JPEG version.
The data for this photo is as follows: f/5, 1/100 sec, ISO-100, focal length 52mm no flash. ***I think I may have accidentally added a picture that is different, but they were shot with the same specs. You can click on the pictures for larger views. Thanks so much for any feedback!


  1. Great photo! I especially LOVE the backlighting & slight side lighting. You exposed this perfectly. I might have bumped my iso to 200 to get a faster shutter speed in order to guard against blurry-ness (not that you appear to have any). Your sooc .jpg just needs a slight bit of warming (add yellow to your color balance), and I see what you mean about your edited Raw file. I think it's just a bit too warm. Perhaps if you cooled it (add blue to color balance) slightly, your colors would appear more true.

    I actually think your focus is good, and your edited file is very nicely sharpened. Group shots RARELY (never?) have super sharp eyes on EVERY person. It's just not the nature of the group shot. They will not stand up well to viewing at 100% enlargement. BUT they look totally fine as an 11x14+ enlargement printed. :-)

  2. What a great family. I think this is a good photo, I especially like the last version. The focus isn't bad, you might want to bump up your shutter speed a bit and run Filter-Sharpen-Unsharp Mask with the settings 150,1,10. I'm not sure if Elements can do this but I think it can.

    I also think just messing around a bit with your colors, brightness and contrast just a touch is all you need. The composition, clarity, background and the subjects are great.

    Happy Mother's Day,
    B Dad


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