Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our cousins "C" and little sister "K"

I took some family pictures for my hubby's cousin. His kids are so hilarious! There was no shortage of funny faces and silly smiles! Their little guy is a photographer in training. He helped decide on poses and did silly things for me to capture. His little sister was more than willing to follow his lead. Things went a little south when he had to pose with the whole family. He no longer got to call the shots, and his face told the tale! All in all things went well, and this was one of the most fun shoots I have done so far! I love to capture kids being kids!


  1. That 4th one down has got to be my favorite. Great work on theses!

  2. These pictues are adorable! I LOVE the one of the little girl all sprawled out, perfect! Something tells me she is TONS of fun.

    You have a great eye!


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