Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A (true) Story About a Booger and a Boy Named Seth

Once upon a time there was a boy named Seth. Seth was a boy who liked to eat boogers. He once cried hysterically because his mommy wiped his face, proclaiming through his tears, "I was going to eat that!" Now, as funny as that statement struck her, it grossed her out a bit. Well, one Monday evening in April in the year 2009, Seth's daddy wiped a booger from the face of Seth's little sister. Seth's daddy held out the booger and asked, "Seth, do you want to eat baby sister's booger?" Though his daddy was only kidding, Seth quickly gobbled up his sister's booger, smiling with delight. Now, as disturbing as it is that Seth ate someone ELSE'S booger, it's even more disturbing that Seth's daddy LET him do it!!!!

Now for the disclaimer.....To my worried and disgusted readers, it is not a regular practice in our house to allow our children to do such repulsive things. We love and cherish them dearly and take good care of them.......I promise!!!

Attached is a picture of said booger eater!


  1. I was pretty sure that his sisters booger was going to turn him off FOREVER

  2. Oh my WORD! That story is HYSTERICAL!! Note to self, do not allow Seth to decide supper tonight or you just might be eating boogers yourself! :)


    Hey, P.S. thanks for becoming a BlogBaby follower!

  3. LOL ok this story just made my night! LOL I'm cracking up. Love the picture too!


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